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  1. ACL258 Travel steam iron

    ACL258 Travel steam iron

    • Non-stick coating
    • Temperature control
    • With steam function for easy ironing
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  2. AST2200 Steam iron

    AST2200 Steam iron

    • Power 2200 Watt
    • Ceramic soleplate
    • With spray and shot of steam function
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  3. AST9000 Steam Station

    AST9000 Steam Station

    • Maximum power 2600 Watts / 3 bar
    • Solid iron with steam generator
    • 5 year guarantee
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  4. AVC1000R 2-in-1 Cordless stick vacuum cleaner

    AVC1000R 2-in-1 Cordless stick vacuum cleaner

    • Ecological rechargeable 12V battery for approx. 10 minutes of use
    • With removable handheld vacuum cleaner
    • For quick and efficient cleaning of floors, furniture, tables, etc.
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  5. AVC225W Cordless Hand-held vacuum cleaner

    AVC225W Cordless Hand-held vacuum cleaner

    • Practical, agile, bagless, wireless and rechargeable
    • For wet and dry: sucks dust, crumbs, liquids etc.
    • Environmentally friendly 3.6 volt NiMH battery
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  6. DWJ5280 Steam cleaner

    DWJ5280 Steam cleaner

    • Powerful steam cleaner for in and around the house
    • Perfect for cleaning floors, furniture, toilets, sanitary, sinks even in difficult places
    • Also ideal for streak-free cleaning of windows, removing scale and cleaning car rims
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