Stick vacuum cleaners

  1. AVC1000R 2-in-1 Cordless stick vacuum cleaner

    AVC1000R 2-in-1 Cordless stick vacuum cleaner

    • Ecological rechargeable 12V battery for approx. 10 minutes of use
    • With removable handheld vacuum cleaner
    • For quick and efficient cleaning of floors, furniture, tables, etc.
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  2. AVC800 Practico Plus

    AVC800 Practico Plus

    • Powerful hand-held vacuum cleaner with XL power cord
    • Compact and agile and lightweight
    • Extra long adjustable telescopic tube
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  3. AVC850A Practico Go

    AVC850A Practico Go

    • Powerful cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner
    • Two suction modes: power-turbo function activatable
    • Motor-driven turbo nozzle for optimum suction performance
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