1. ADM218SD Donut Maker

    ADM218SD Donut Maker

    • Makes 7 delicious donuts in no time
    • High quality baking plate with non stick coated surface
    • Easy to clean
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  2. APFM700SD Poffertjes Maker

    APFM700SD Poffertjes Maker

    • Ideal for easy baking of “Dutch poffertjes”
    • Makes 14 golden brown “Dutch poffertjes” in no time
    • High quality baking plate with non-stick coating
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  3. ASW238 3-in-1 Cakemaker

    ASW238 3-in-1 Cakemaker

    • Multifunctional appliance for the baking of donuts, cupcakes and cakepops
    • Fun for every festive occasion like birthdays, children's parties or just because!
    • Also for the preparation of muffins, puff snacks, puff pastry, mini pies etc.
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