1. ACM300HR Coffee maker

    ACM300HR Coffee maker

    • High quality plastic housing
    • Makes up to 15 cups of coffee
    • Glass pot with hinged lid
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  2. AKM500 Profi Mixer

    AKM500 Profi Mixer

    • Robust and compact design
    • Suitable for kneading dough, beating of batter, mixing food, etc...
    • Powerful motor of 450Watt
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  3. ATS300HR Toaster

    ATS300HR Toaster

    • High quality plastic housing
    • Suitable for 2 slices of bread
    • Automatic centering of bread slices for equal, doublesided toasting
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  4. ATW1600 Stainless steel thermo jug kettle

    ATW1600 Stainless steel thermo jug kettle

    • High quality lacquered stainless steel housing
    • Quickly boils water for tea, soup etc.
    • Capacity 1.5 litre
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  5. AWK300HR Cordless jug kettle

    AWK300HR Cordless jug kettle

    • High quality plastic housing
    • Quicky boils water for tea, soup, etc.
    • Capacity 1.7 litre
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  6. DKW700R Kitchen scale

    DKW700R Kitchen scale

    • Retro design
    • Weighs accurately to 20 gram
    • Capacity 5 kg
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