1. ASM8010 Contactgrill 3-in-1

    ASM8010 Contactgrill 3-in-1

    • Maximum power approx. 800 Watts
    • Versatility and fast available for making sandwiches, waffles and for grilling of: panini’s, steaks, vegetables, prawns, meat, fish, etc.
    • 3 Sets of exchangeable heating plates:
      - Sandwich baking plate (2x), for 2 sandwiches
      - Waffle baking plate (2x), for 2 waffles
      - Grill plate (2x), for two-sided grilling
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  2. ASW113S Stainless steel panini grill

    ASW113S Stainless steel panini grill

    • Versatile and quickly ready for grilling and toasting of: Panini’s, steaks, toast, vegetables, prawns, meat, fish, etc.
    • Low fat grilling, with both sides evenly grilled
    • Fat tray included
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  3. ASW281 Waffle maker

    ASW281 Waffle maker

    • Prepares delicious Brussels waffles in an instant
    • Heatproof housing from high quality stainless steel
    • For 4 tasty waffles of 11 x 11 cm
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  4. ASW431 Contactgrill

    ASW431 Contactgrill

    • For meat, fish, vegetables, sandwiches, etc.
    • Heat resistant housing
    • Automatic temperature control with pilot light
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