AOV20 Grill-oven

AOV20 Grill-oven



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4-position switch for:
- Upper heat
- Bottom heatt
- Upper heat + Bottom heat
- Off
#60 minute timer with end signal, switches off automatically #Indicator light #Oven space approx. 20 liters, with interior lighting #4 stainless steel heat elements, approx. 1300W #With grill rack, enamelled baking tray and convenient removal handle #3 different rack heights #Easy to clean #Outer dimensions: L = 455mm, W = 365mm, H = 300mm #Inner dimensions: L = 300mm, W = 290mm, H = 220mm #With GS-certified quality mark = extra high quality and safety standards #5 years guarantee
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EAN: 8 7121 8405 3780
Master carton 1