Problem solving

If you have a possible defect with your device, we recommend that you first read the troubleshooting page. It is possible that you can solve the problem yourself with the tips described there. If not, you can of course follow the steps below. Click here for the troubleshooting page.


Returning a defective device to the store

In the unlikely event of a defective Bestron unit, please contact your dealer within 2 years of purchase for a warranty replacement unless otherwise stated on your proof of purchase.


Send a defective device directly to our service department

When contacting Bestron's service department directly, please note the following:
- Never send anything (unsolicited) by post. The package may be refused and you will have to bear the cost.
- Please contact us first to verify your warranty claim and receive instructions on how to pack and ship the device.
   The shipping costs to Bestron are at your own expense.
- Any warranty claim must be accompanied by a copy of the proof of purchase and your address.



Service Department
Moeskampweg 20
5222 AW 's-Hertogenbosch
Tel: 073 - 623 11 21


Also available via Whatsapp: