5 Year Guarantee

Bestron offers a 60-month warranty on this equipment against defects resulting from manufacturing and/or material errors, subject to the following conditions.
  1. No labour or material costs will be charged during this warranty period.
  2. Any repairs carried out under the warranty will not extend the warranty period.
  3. Faulty parts, or in the event of exchange, the faulty equipment itself, will automatically become the property of Bestron.
  4. The warranty is valid for the first buyer only and is non-transferable.
  5. The warranty is not valid for damage caused by:
    • Accidents
    • Improper use
    • Wear and tear
    • Neglect
    • Faulty installation
    • Connection to a different mains voltage than indicated on the type plate
    • Unauthorised changes
    • Repairs carried out by unqualified third parties
    • Use in violation with the applicable statutory, technical or safety standards
    • Careless transport without suitable packaging or other protection
  6. Warranty cannot be claimed:
    • For damage during transport
    • If the serial number of the appliance is removed or changed
  7. Items excluded from warranty are:
    • Cords
    • Lamps
    • Glass parts
    • Filters
    • Batteries
  8. The warranty does not entitle the purchaser to compensation for any damage other than replacement or repair of the faulty parts. Bestron cannot in any event be held liable for any indirect or consequential losses caused by or in relation to the equipment it has provided.
  9. Claims under a warranty may only be submitted to your (online) retailer or directly to the Bestron Service Department. Never send items without being asked to. We may refuse the parcel and you will be liable for the costs. Contact us first and we tell you how the appliance should be packaged and sent. Each claim under a warranty must be accompanied by the relevant receipt. 



All Bestron appliances have a 5 year guarantee and always carry one or more of the following certificates:

GS certificates