Frequently Asked Questions

Our electrical appliances require regular cleaning and maintenance for optimal results. Please read your appliance’s instruction manual carefully to do so. Our manuals contain a specific chapter titled “Cleaning and Maintenance”, which gives step by step instructions on how to keep your appliance in optimal condition.

My appliance is missing parts, where can I find them?

Step 1:
After unpacking your purchase, check the packaging carefully for any parts that stayed behind.

Step 2:
Some Bestron appliances have a handy integrated storage space or storage drawer. Therefore, read the manual to find out whether your apppliance also has such a storage space and where it is located. Then check whether the missing parts can be found there.

Step 3:
If you have checked everything and you are still missing parts, please contact our parts service:

Some examples with built-in storage: Steam Cleaners, Meat Mincers, Kitchen Machines, Vacuum Cleaners. etc...


Does my appliance come with a recipe book?

Unfortunately, we do not always have influence on the correctness of the product features with which (web) shops advertise. For example, some webshops state that some of our devices contain a recipe book. That's incorrect. For devices where this is handy and practical, we have provided a basic recipe in the manual, and in some cases a few variation recipes, just to get you started. Sometimes we provide a small booklet with suggestions (not recipes). None of our products come with a recipe book. Fortunately, there are countless recipes to be found on the internet.

Why do I have to clean my vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners require cleaning. Problems such as diminished suction power or the appliance switching off at various intervals are often caused by a blockage in air circulation. To resolve this, all filters need to be cleaned and the bag, suction mouth, tube and hose need to be checked for blockages and excessive residue. Please consult the chapter titled “Cleaning and Maintenance” in your manual for a more extensive description on the parts that require maintenance.


Why is my deep fryer not responding anymore?

Fryers that appear to be malfunctioning can often be easily returned to normal operation by pressing the ‘reset’ button. The location of this button can be found within the instruction manual. In some cases, the fryer is not responding because the heating element is not placed back properly after cleaning the appliance. If the heating element is not placed as described in the manual, the security mechanism becomes enabled and the appliance will not switch on.


Do I use liquid oil or solid fat?

We strongly advise not to use solid fats. The best frying result and optimal performance of the appliance can only be achieved with the use of liquid fats or oil.


Do I need to clean my hair clipper?

Hair clippers require regular cleaning and oiling. Not just after being stored for a longer period, but with daily use as well.

Why is my fan or heater not responding anymore?

Fans and space heaters are usually not used the whole year. So, when in storage for quite a long time, malfunctioning of the appliance is almost always due to dust. Just clean it thoroughly before use. 


The above mentioned regularly required cleaning and maintenance fall under the user’s own responsibility. If however, a malfunction arises which is not being caused by any of the problems described here, please contact our service department.

Is the manual missing?

You can download all recent manuals on the product pages on this website. If your appliance is older and therefore not included on our website, you may contact us through